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 Skate Deterrents/Skateboard Deterrents 

Many cities, counties, schools, property managers...even individual homeowners are looking for ways to eliminate the damage to property that is caused by skaters and skateboarders.   Barrett Robinson is an authorized dealer of SkateStoppers skateboard deterrents.  Skate stops or SkateStoppers are the best way to stop skateboard damage in its tracks!  Many skateboard deterrents miss the mark, but SkateStoppers are designed to be the best skate deterrents on the market - with great design, proper fit and huge selection.  When it comes to eliminating skateboard damage, SkateStoppers are your best option.

 are specially-designed aluminum or bronze products that may be applied to:

  • Planters 
  • Benches
  • Retaining Walls
  • Handrails
  • Curbs
  • Flat Surfaces


"Sea Life Family" (from the Architectural Series) installed on a wall outside our office - our skater problem has been eliminated

The compact, low-profile design allows you to deter skaters without adversely affecting the appearance or functionality of the treated surface.  Aluminum pieces are made from construction grade, non-rusting aluminum and provide superior durability and longevity.  The architectural series (AS) enhances the look of your property--for those applications in which design is as important as function.  

Determining the Correct Product and Quantity

  1. Use the Skate Deterrent Template to select the correct fit for the edge of your planter/wall - the template will guide you to the correct piece. For handrails, see the instructions below for determining the correct fit.
  2. SKATESTOPPERS®  are sold in kits.  Selecting the proper kit is easy--measure the total linear footage of the edges to be treated and refer to the spacing listed for the product you've selected (click on the image of the product for the details) to determine the quantity you will need.  If the standard kit does not fit your needs, ask about volume ordering. 
  3. Call us to place your order.  We can also provide a quote on shipping (normally via UPS) and information on current lead time.
  4. Select your product carefully.  There is a 35% restocking fee for returned product.   Bronze skate deterrents and custom parts may not be returned or exchanged.  Returns/exchanges must be made within 30 days of purchase.

 Architectural series - AS Skateboard Deterrents 
These beautiful, handcrafted skate deterrents add an artistic flare to any application.  Parts can be used alone, or they can be interspersed as accent pieces with the corresponding shape from the FA/FR series skate deterrents.

Click on the image of the product for a larger photo and specifics on that product.
 Gorilla Series 

The Gorilla Series features extruded aluminum pieces with a sleek, modern design and concealed anchors.  The parts are hard tumbled to remove all machined and/or cut edges.  Available in clear anodized or hard anodized (additional cost for hard ano).

Click on the image of the product for a larger photo and specifics on that product.

 Fixed Angle Skateboard Deterrents 

Fixed angle pieces are available in clear anodized (silver gray) or hard anodized (dark gray) finish.  There is an additional charge for hard anodized pieces.

Click on the image of the product for a larger photo and specifics on that product.

 Fixed Radius Skateboard Deterrents 
 Bench Clip Skateboard Deterrents 
 Curve Clip Skateboard Deterrents 
 Flat Skateboard Deterrents 
 Hand Rail Skateboard Deterrents 

 * Kits include parts, anchors, and epoxy adhesive.  Each order will contain masonry drill bits, drive keys and hole brushes sufficient to install quantity of pieces ordered.  Steel cutting drill bits for handrails not included. Orders of 100 pieces or more (except for hand rails) will require purchase of dual-cartridge epoxy applicator.  Orders of 250 pieces will include a free epoxy applicator.

Dual-Cartridge Epoxy Applicator:  $72

Freight and sales tax (sales tax is added only on orders to be delivered to California) are additional and not included in the above prices.

To order or to obtain additional information, please Contact Us.

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